Headed to 36 fairs at 14 countries

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) will continue to hold international fair organizations in 2020, without ever slowing down. Turkish companies wishing to introduce their products at global platforms will be setting up stands this year at 36 specialized fairs in 14 countries with ITO. These companies setting sails for new horizons from Asia to Africa and Europe to USA will be cracking the door for new cooperation opportunities.

Headed to 36 fairs at 14 countries
  • Turkish companies wishing to introduce their products at global markets will be demonstrating their competitive power at 14 countries, under the auspices of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, in 2020.
  • The path Chamber will follow this year is composed of 36 specialized fairs at various sectors and target markets, from Asia to Africa and Europe to USA.
  • Moreover, companies will be accomplishing new achievements with Turkish product fairs held by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce at different countries.


Accompanying and mobilizing entrepreneurs to international fairs since 1960, ITO enriches its mission of opening to global markets with new markets and sectors. ITO included 36 fairs to its calendar of 2020. Food, textile, industry, trade, real estate, composite, mobile communication, lighting, books, TV series are among the sectors that were added to the events calendar of the organization.


The outputs of the face to face meetings conducted at the fairs by Turkish and foreign companies under the auspices of ITO are received in the form of business connections and export contacts. The business world seizes the opportunity to introduce not only the products, but also our culture, arts, history and cuisine and thus makes its mark on greater achievements with the ‘Guest of Honor Country - Turkey’ fairs accomplished by ITO through the organization’s international operations.  The Chamber continues to diversify the sectors and countries of the fairs based on the demands of the business world and to add new fairs to its events calendar.

At 3 continents for food fairs

Food, beverage and related equipment sector is getting ready to conquer three different continents with ITO in 2020. Turkish companies will show up at 5 different fairs to be held in France, Canada, China, India and United Arab Emirates, by world’s greatest food fair SIAL.

The most prestigious addresses of TV series

Turkish TV series, movies and contents renewing their rating records in more countries every year will continue to make their mark at the most prestigious fairs of the sector in 2020. In the new year, the Turkish TV series, movies and contents will be transferred to three different continents with ITO and the first stop will be the NATPE fair to be held in Miami, USA in January. The following meeting point of the sector will be the MIPTV fair which will be accomplished in France in March. The members of the sector who shall gather at MIPCOM in France in October will also have the chance to introduce their new products in December at the ATF Asia TV Forum in Singapore.

5 construction fairs

Construction and real estate companies will have the opportunity to demonstrate their power at 5 specialized fairs to be held in 4 different countries, this year. The first address of the companies in 2020 will be the MIPIM fair which will open its doors in France in March. The companies that will attend the BAUMA CTT Russia Fair in Russia in May will then head towards the LPS Beijing Fair at People’s Republic of China in June. The following meeting addresses of the construction world in September will be the CITYSCAPE Global at United Arab Emirates and PROESTATE in Russia.

Advantages in automotive

Automotive industry will be gathering with the worldwide professionals at the AUTOMECHANIKA fairs. Companies attending the fair that will be held at United Arab Emirates in June and at Argentina in November with ITO will also get the chance to display their products.

Fourth greatest participant in terms of textile

The textile and garment manufacturers will be dominating the TEXWORLD Paris which will be held in France in February. Turkey is presently the fourth greatest participant of the fair to which it will attend with ITO.

Target markets for books

The world of books will be transferred to three different fairs with ITO in 2020. Turkish companies targeted the book fairs of England, Georgia and Germany.

Visiting China 4 times for business

Turkish companies will continue to attend CANTON fairs with ITO this year, held for various sectors at Guanco canton of the People’s Republic of China, at 4 different phases.

In France for composite

Turkish companies will be attending the JEC World Fair that will gather the composite industry in March, with ITO.

Mobile communication meetings

Turkish companies will be setting up stands at the leading fairs of the world in mobile communication and technologies as well. Companies will seize the opportunity to meet the world giants at MWC Mobile World Congress’ meetings at Spain and USA.

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