Teknopark Istanbul

Established by the Presidency of Defence Industries and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce as joint partners, Teknopark Istanbul is a technology development zone designed to contribute Turkey’s capacity of technology development.

The establishment of Teknopark Istanbul is based on the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSIK) decision, dated October 8th, 1987.

The Advanced Technology Industrial Park and Airport Project (ITEP) is a project carried out on the Anatolian side of Istanbul by the Presidency of Defence Industries and includes industrial support, research and development, science and technology, education and training dimensions. 

Main objective of the project is to support building necessary dynamic, scientific and technological infrastructure to fulfill the advanced technology requirements of our country through indigenous resources.

With 297 companies and 5.063 R&D staff at Teknopark Istanbul, patented 125 brands through 1.622 national projects to date. 


Teknopark Istanbul Contact

​Adress:      Sanayi Mah. Teknopark Bulvarı No: 1 - 9A Pendik / İstanbul  

Phone:       0216 999 70 00

Fax:            0216 999 70 01

Email:        info@teknoparkistanbul.com.tr

Web Page: http://en.teknoparkistanbul.com.tr/en

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