Commercialization Center of Istanbul

As a multifunctional entrepreneurship center supporting entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas (Start-Ups), the Commercialization Center of Istanbul provides services in an indoor space of 3.000 m² with modern equipment. Established by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce as a social institution for strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem BTM executes its activities on a volunteer basis, without charge.

BTM strives to commercialize through assessment of all innovative business ideas without the exception of certain sectors or age groups.

BTM contributes to the dreams of Start-Ups through the BTM Camp, Pre-Incubation Program, Incubation Program, Post-Incubation Program mechanisms and the investment facilities under its auspices. The Center has been offering solution-oriented incentives through programs such as the Winglobal program developed for born global Start-Ups and the Inventor-Entrepreneur program designed for inventors with patents and utility models. The services provided to this end and with the procedures and activities, the Center enables the actualization of the values defined by the entrepreneurs and their scaling in economical sense.

Incubation Mechanisms

Pre-Incubation, Incubation and Post-Incubation Mechanisms allow the rapid and accurate growth of the enterprises.

Winglobal Program

The duration of the Winglobal Program designed for the Born Global Start-Ups is 16 weeks. At the end of the program, five successful projects will be qualified to go to Silicon Valley.

Inventor Entrepreneur Program

Within the scope of this program specifically designed for the inventors applying with patents and utility models, the entrepreneurship ecosystem and invention concepts are gathered for the rapid commercialization of the revealed products in order to attract the investors.

Stage XL-Demo Day

For enabling the entrepreneurs to introduce themselves to the investors and to increase their presentation capabilities, “Stage XL” event with panels on ecosystem is being held. The entrepreneurs seize the opportunity to introduce their projects at “Stage XL” event to which all investors are invited.


BTM offers our entrepreneurs all the support they require in any area and thus enable their self-improvement and business improvement.


The dialogue platforms held for increasing the network of our entrepreneurs are divided into two groups: Investor dialogues and I2B dialogues.

7/24 Working Space

A 24-hours multifunctional social space of 3.000 m² is launched at our BTM campus where entrepreneurs will be able to operate any time they wish. 

Investor Meetup Activities

BTM has been holding investor meetup programs for gathering the accepted enterprises with the investors and enables their commercialization. 

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Committee Support

The enterprises and initiatives accepted by BTM benefit from the experiences of ICOC for supporting the validation procedure. They are presented to relevant industry committees and gain access to detailed information on the target markets.

One-to-One Consultancy Support

The enterprises are capable of developing their projects by getting support from the ‘Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Office’, ‘Business Development and Innovation Office’ and ‘Corporate Communications Office’ under the auspices of BTM.

BTM Camp Program

On account of the BTM Camp Program, support is provided to entrepreneurs to transform their innovative ideas into projects.

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