Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration and Mediation Center

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has been encouraging the resolution of commercial disputes through arbitration and mediation methods while playing a key role in promoting arbitration and mediation as well. 

The Chamber set the Arbitration and Mediation Center  - ITOTAM in order to provide the arbitration services it has been providing since 1979 in compliance with international practice and modern arbitration rules.


- Provides arbitration and mediation services in line with international practice.

- Solves the commercial disputes in a rapid and efficient manner through arbitration.

- Contributes to the rapid and effective settlement of arbitration by competent experts and recognized arbitrators.

- Provides voluntary and mandatory arbitration services.

- Serves to the development and promotion of arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute settlement mechanisms.

- Follows developments on local and international arbitration and mediation practices, informs the relevant parties on the latest developments in this field through participating related local and international conferences and seminars.

- Conducts projects on arbitration and mediation by cooperating with foreign arbitration and mediation centers.

- Organizes national and international conferences on arbitration and mediation within the scope of “Istanbul Arbitration Day”.

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