Turkish Trade Registry Gazzette Copies

Last clause of Article 37 of Turkish Code of Commerce orders that all amendments for trade registry  in Turkey must be published in Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.

Announcements shown in acts, judgements about trade registry, announcements  given by official departments and legal entities about commercial affairs and also decisions  taken by registrar in bankruptcy are about bankruptcy arepublished in Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.

Turkish Trade Registry Gazette’s notices are accepted in our service units providing the fee is funded and they are delivered at the evening of same day to Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.

The fees of notices published in Turkish Trade Registry Gazette come into force after Ministry of Trade’s confirmation and 10 days after being published in the Gazette.

Turkish Trade Registry Gazettes published by the Department of Turkish Trade Registry can be taken with e-signature from online operations  or head office and service units, registration benches of Member Registration Department whose addresses are mentioned below.

It is subject to a fee.

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