At Teknopark Istanbul

Teknopark Istanbul accelerated the cooperation with world’s leading technoparks. The cooperation built with the technoparks located at Germany, Iran, USA, Switzerland, Jordan, Russia, Tunisia, Qatar, Yakutia, South Korea and Malaysia is strengthening the ecosystem. Meanwhile, Teknopark Istanbul is getting prepared to become neighbors with Turkish - Japanese Science and Technology University.

At Teknopark Istanbul

Collaboration with 14 global technoparks

TEKNOPARK Istanbul has been developing cooperation with the leading global technoparks. The agreements made with 14 global technoparks offer various advantages to the R&D companies and incubators located at Teknopark Istanbul. The agreements containing appealing facilities for the foreign technoparks acceding to the agreements pave the way to the mutual cooperation of companies located at the technoparks. Companies and entrepreneurs thus get the chance to own free office spaces at the collaborated technoparks abroad.

As a member of the global organizations like International Association of Science Parks (IASP) and the Asian Science Parks Association (ASPA), Teknopark Istanbul has been advancing its efforts for cooperating with technoparks active in international scale, for the last two years. Cooperation with the technoparks located at Germany, Iran, USA, Switzerland, Jordan, Russia, Tunisia, Qatar, Yakutia, South Korea and Malaysia have been strengthening the ecosystem. In the meantime, Teknopark Istanbul is getting ready to become neighbors with the Turkish - Japanese Science and Technology University.


Teknopark Istanbul signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with Berlin Adlershof Science and Technology Park - one Europe’s greatest two technoparks. The agreement stipulates the global branding of the R&D companies located at both technoparks, execution of joint operations and mutual and periodical exchange of staff. Berlin Adlershof hosts 1000 R&D companies at an area of 4.2 squarekilometer, with 15 thousand R&D staff and 17 institutes.


Switzerland’s greatest technopark Y Parc assigned Teknopark Istanbul as its second address for international cooperation, after Japan. Two technoparks signed a bilateral cooperation agreement on the assignment of office spaces without charge to R&D and incubation companies. The agreement stipulates the R&D and incubation companies of the both technoparks to enjoy free office spaces at one another for a term of up to 3 months. Besides, both technoparks will benefit from all types of administrative and technological infrastructural services provided by the other, free of charge. Y Parc located at an area of 50 hectares hosts 120 R&D companies and employs 1.100 R&D engineers.


Teknopark Istanbul cooperated with the University City Science Center at one of USA’s greatest cities Philadelphia. This essential technology center hosting nearly 100 companies and 500 R&D staff active in various areas, particularly in life sciences, information technologies and biomedical technologies bestow diverse privileges to Teknopark Istanbul companies.

Qatari Technopark’s choice

Qatari Technopark preferred Teknopark Istanbul to support humanitarian and economic development targets and execute research, development, innovation and entrepreneurial activities at the international arena. Bilateral cooperation protocol on the development of R&D activities and indigenous production has been signed by Qatar Science and Technology Park and Teknopark Istanbul. Teknopark Istanbul executes operations on new technologies and mutual target sectors by strengthening cooperation with Qatari Technopark.

Know-how share with Isfahan

Isfahan Technopark (Isfahan Science and Technology Town) and Teknopark Istanbul collaborated. Both technocities have been conducting operations for encouraging joint activities, they have been sharing academic know-how on technology development while supporting cooperation. Isfahan Technopark hosts nearly 200 companies and 7 thousand 500 R&D staff active at many areas, particularly life sciences, information technologies and biomedical technologies.

Cooperation on defense with Tunisia 
Teknopark Istanbul signed mutual good-will and cooperation agreements with Elgazala and Sousse Technoparks of Tunisia. Cooperation on particularly defense industry projects was been aimed through the agreements between two countries, introducing opportunities such as assignment of spaces without charge and sectoral consulting to companies wishing to make investments. Following the signing ceremony held at Tunisia, companies at Elgazala Technopark and Technopark Sousse conducted over 30 bilateral negotiations with companies at Teknopark Istanbul.

A good-will agreement with Jordan

Teknopark Istanbul cooperated with the Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) — the greatest chamber of commerce of Jordan. Boards of both institutions signed the good-will agreement during the visit of the delegation accompanying the President of Amman Chamber of Commerce Khalil El Haj Tawfiq to Teknopark Istanbul. Amman’s board of trade made a study tour at Teknopark Istanbul.

Collaboration with Yakutia

Cooperation on production and R&D between Technopark Yakutia - one of the most reputable technology centers of the Russian Federation and Teknopark Istanbul is accelerated. The cooperation agreement signed between two technoparks will also serve as a bridge in joint ventures on education, technology and infrastructure areas between Turkey and Yakutia.

A Stronger Partnership with Russia

New business opportunities at international platform are starting to be developed between Technopolis Moscow and Skolkova Teknopark and Teknopark Istanbul. Strengthening the relations on exchange of the experiences, technology transfer and international partnership areas are among the objectives. Following the signing of the agreement, the companies active at both technoparks launched their negotiations.

Turkish - Japanese Science and Technology University

The Turkish - Japanese Science and Technology University to serve as part of the Teknopark Istanbul ecosystem has been founded. A land of 1.600 decares of land neighboring Teknopark Istanbul at Sabiha Gökçen Airport region at Pendik, Istanbul was assigned for the university. University will conduct education at Teknopark Istanbul campus until the completion of the construction. Turkish - Japanese University will offer graduate programs on Nuclear Science, Reactor Engineering, Construction and Earthquake Engineering.

Technology transfer with Iran

A cooperation and good-will agreement on technology transfer, execution of joint academic and scientific activities, marketing of science based products and soft landing programs has been signed between Iran’s Gilan Science & Technology Park and Teknopark Istanbul. Joint venture, bilateral trade and establishment of joint technology companies are aimed with the Protocol.  The Board of the Inter Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks (INSTP) remained at the signing ceremony as well. Iranian delegation visited Teknopark Istanbul Cube Incubation upon the bilateral negotiations of the companies.

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