Sultan’s Pavilion of The New Mosque

Sultan’s Pavilion located inside the social complex of The New Mosque is situated at the historic peninsula. The mansion is among the most prominent structures of Classical Ottoman Architecture and it hosts rare ceramic tiles, nacre (mother-of-pearl) inlays, bronze and ornamental works such as “edirnekarî” of the 17th century.  Woodworking at the entrance of the mansion , tiled stoves inside, the decorative panels covering the walls and colored glass windows are regarded as rare examples of craftsmanship. A certain part of the ceramic tiles had been customized merely for decorating the Mansion.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce  is in charge of the restoration of Sultan’s Pavilion of The New Mosque in alignment with its original magnificence, owned our cultural heritage and at the same time turned this structure into a center of our traditional handicrafts. Every year, 47 exhibitions and artistic events take place Sultan’s Pavilion of The New Mosque.

Art stores at Sultan’s Pavilion of The New Mosque host tens of artists every year and contribute to their artistic activities. Sultan’s Pavilion of The New Mosque where leading representatives of our classical arts launch exhibitions has been proceeding to become one of the most recognized centers for the artworks of Turkish – Islamic realm.


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