Entrepreneurship Services

The prominence of the new generation business model, the entrepreneurship ecosystem that shapes the world is growing day by day. Aware of this reality, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has been working for the development of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has been offering unique services to the entrepreneurs through the affiliates launched by the Chamber, namely the Commercialization Center of Istanbul (BTM) and Teknopark Istanbul, enabling the entrepreneurs to benefit from both its experiences and its facilities for contributing to their development. At BTM, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce offers coaching services and workspaces and organizses meetups with investors to entrepreneurs in various areas and provides them guidance in their business plans for the future.

Technological infrastructures required by the entrepreneurs are offered at Teknopark Istanbul for enabling them to improve their operations. Finally, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce conducts all the operations essential for the creation and development of an indigenous and national brand at Teknopark Istanbul.

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