Chamber Legislation

Our Chamber which has been established in accordance with the Law No. 5174, is an occupational  organization having legal personality. The aim of the Law No.5174; is to regulate the principals related to establisment and operation of Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Industry, Chambers of Shipping, Commodity Exchanges with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. In the scope of this law, the chamber registration is obligated for traders.

Organization structure of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has been determined with the Law No. 5174.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce; has been formed  with two structures of which one is election and other one is appointment.

The Structure which has been formed by election:

  • Professional Committees
  • Assembly
  • Executive Board
  • Disciplinary Board

The structure which has been formed by appointment:

  • Secretary General
  • Deputy Secretaries Generals
  • Directors

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