ICOC Through Years


  • Establishment of Dersaadet Chamber of Commerce.
  • Foundation of the Chamber of Industry and Agriculture.


  • 14th January - The first meeting of Dersaadet Chamber of Commerce took place in Galata’s Mehmed Ali Paşa Han, marking the commencement of the Chamber’s operations.


  • As of 11 March 1889, all Chambers of Commerce were replaced by the “Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry.” In this way, Dersaadet Chamber of Commerce started to perform its operations under the title “Dersaadet Commerce, Agriculture and Industry” until 1910.


  • The book titled “Hukuk-i Ticaret” (Commercial Law) was the first book published by the Chamber.


  • A by-law published on June 13th marked the dissociation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry from the Chambers of Agriculture.
  • Establishment of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


  • Turkish National Association of Commerce was founded.


  • Izmir Economic Congress was held, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry was nationalized.


  • Istanbul Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası Mecmuası (Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Journal) started to be published in two languages: Ottoman and French.


  • By-law of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry entered into force. Chambers were granted legal entity status, with mandatory membership.
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce moved to 4th Vakıf Han.
  • Istanbul Commodity Exchange was established.
  • The Exchange Market Bulletin started to be published.


  • First election of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s Assembly took place.


  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce became a member of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Journal started to be published in Turkish and French (since 1954, certain articles started to be published in Turkish and English).


  • Price indexes started to be published and were included to the publications of United Nations.


  • Tradesmen Dispensary was founded.


  • Law on Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Tradesmen and Commodity Exchange Markets entered into force.


  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce joined OEEC which underpinned the OECD. In this way, Turkey’s integration with the world economy began.


  • Istanbul Chamber of Industry was established.


  • Newspaper of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce  was launched.


  • Economic Development Foundation (IKV) was founded with the joint initiatives of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul Chamber of Industry.


  • Endeavours for awarding the successful exporters were launched.


  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce became a member of the World Trade Centers Association.
  • Consumer Complaints Desk was formed.


Publication of Turkey’s first economic report.


  • World Trade Center Istanbul was established.


  • Turkish Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange (TSPX) was founded.


  • The construction of the World Trade Center Istanbul premises was launched.


  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce became a member of Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME).


  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s Education and Social Services Foundation was established.
  • The multi-purpose recreational facilities in Kandilli were launched to service.
  • World Trade Center Istanbul’s fair building was opened.
  • Kadiköy Service Unit was opened.


  • “Project on E-Archives” began (Registry Archives)


  • The tasks of the Provincial Registry of Commerce of Istanbul were assigned to ICOC.


  • PERPA and ISTOC Service Units were launched.


  • Total Quality Management system was introduced and ISO-9001 Quality Assurance Certificate was received. 
  • Turkish Products Fair was held for the first time.


  • Yenibosna Service Unit was opened. 


  • Istanbul Commerce University commenced education.


  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was accredited as “Europe’s Best Chamber” as part of the Accreditation Project guided by Eurochambers (the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry).
  • Formula 1 Istanbul Project began.


  • OECD Library was brought into service within the body of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Information and Document Management Office.
  • ITOVISION Journal started its publication life.
  • Chamber of Commerce’s Vocational Training Center (ITO-MEM) entered into service.
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Turkish Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange was awarded the “Best Service for Small Enterprises Award” by the “World Chambers Federation”.
  • “Cooperation Days” events  were initiated through gathering local and foreign companies.


  • “Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Info Line” was replaced by “Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Call Center” and an “Enquiry Unit” was founded.
  • Istanbul was included to the Formula 1 race agenda.
  • First of the “Successful SME” contests was held.


  • “First Step to Start Exporting” project aiming to encourage SMEs for export operations was launched. 
  • Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix was held in Istanbul for the first time in Turkey.


  • The restoration of Kızlarağası Mehmet Ağa Madrasa was completed.
  • The restoration works of the Rüstem Paşa Madrasa were launched.
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce  attended “Partner Country” Germany’s Hannover Industry Fair.


  • Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency was founded with ICOC as the full member of both the advisory board and the executive board.
  • ICOC Occupational Committees were reestablished in accordance with the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities System (NACE).
  • Küçükyalı Campus of the Istanbul Commerce University was opened.


  • President of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Murat Yalcintas , was assigned as the President of the Association of Meditterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry for the second time.
  • Restoration of the Sultan’s Pavilion of The New Mosque was completed.
  • Issuance of the Chamber Documents became available at itoportal with the assistance of courier services.


  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s European Union Information Center was launched.
  • Teknopark Istanbul was established.
  • The restoration of Sultan’s Pavilion of The New Mosque received the award of “Europa Nostra”.
  • Electronic publication of all works went online.
  • Constructions of schools in memory of our martyrs were launched across Turkey.


  • TURKMEK “International Vocational and Technical Training Project” document was signed with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).


  • Special Administration Vocational Training Courses (OZIMEK) Project executed jointly with the Special Provincial Administration, National Education Directorate, and Turkish Labor Agency (ISKUR) provided trainings to 37 thousand 751 hundred people.


  • With Istanbul Fashion Workshop, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was named one of the finalists in the 8th World Chambers Award held by World Chambers Federation, in Qatar.
  • ICOC Academy web portal was established within the framework of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Academy Qualification Based Human Resources Development Project aiming to serve SMEs.


  • First of the “Round Table” meetings was held in Brussels with the leading global companies.
  • The services provided by the Chamber were transferred to electronic environment within the scope of E-ICOC.
  • “Shopping Fest” event was held led by ICOC and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality platform.
  • Credit Guarantee Fund and the representation of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization were established at the headquarter.
  • A cooperation protocol was signed with the Turkish Standards Institute.
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Library entered into service in its new location in a more efficient manner. 


  • First of the “Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Awards” designed for elevating our economy towards the future while supporting the achievements contributing to our business life was held. 
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Mobile Services Bus was launched for providing better services on site.
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce attends MIPIM – world’s leading real estate market event held in Cannes, France with a huge Istanbul mock-up of 96 squaremeters.
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration and Mediation Center (ITOTAM) where arbitration rules are applied was launched to service as an independent arbitration organization.
  • Service Building of World Trade Center Istanbul was launched.


  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s Foundation for Commercialization and Research was established.
  • Çatalca Service Unit was launched.


  • The Service Unit at Anatolian Side was launched.


  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s  membership to Danube Chambers of Commerce Association (DCCA) was approved. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce President was elected as the Vice President of DCCA.


  • With DİJİTO Project, ICOC portal (www.ito.org.tr) and online services were renewed.

  • “Kitap İstanbul”, the bookstore where hundreds of prestigious works and ICOC publications are sold was opened.


  • İTO Mobil, the application from which members can quickly reach ICOC services was launched.

  • ICOC Giyimkent service building was completely renewed.
  • The halls and offices of  İDTM (İstanbul World Trade Center) were released from the tenant and were renewed. After the renovation of the halls, the building became the most modern fair center of Turkey.

  • The ownership of the parking lot which is located near Eminönü Headquarter was completely transfered to ICOC. Architectural works were initiated to realize a project which would reflect historical spirit and strengthen the power of ICOC’s service network.


  • The archive of İstanbul Trade Gazette (ITGA) was digitalized and launched to be used by the members.
  • ICOC’s 140 th anniversary was celebrated with various events throughout the year.

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